01 January 2011

First post!

Hello, and welcome to the New Year, and a new start for The Tea Diaries. I moved to Melbourne a few months ago and was astounded to discover that despite an incredibly coffee culture, it is really difficult to get a decent cup of tea here. So! I have decided to start this blog/review to document all things tea in Melbourne.

If you've stumbled across this site then I can only hope you are a fellow lover of tea, or at least enjoy the odd cup, and I hope you will find it a helpful and interesting insight into Melbourne's tea world.

There will be a couple of different reviews on this blog.
  • Cafe review - a review of one of Melbourne's many fine establishments, taking in tea range and quality, and types of food available.
  • Tea review - a review of a bought tea prepared at home.
  • Tea accessories review
  • Tea recipes