17 January 2011

Bad Tea makes KD Sad :( - Brunetti

Cafe Review: Brunetti
Where: 194-204 Faraday St, Carlton

Maybe I'm being to harsh but what a terrible tea experience. Yes, I'm well aware that Brunetti is known for its tasty tasty cakes and biscuits, but seriously. I'm of the opinion that a decent (even semi-decent) cup of tea is not that hard to make.

It starts when I order. Brunetti only stocks about 6 types of tea - this isn't a problem, I don't expect a big range in cafes (though honestly, are they're any cafes in Melbourne that don't T2? I almost feel like changing the blog name to 'T2 Review'). I order the China Jasmine. Yes, I definitely, clearly said China Jasmine. The serving girl gives me a quizzical look and puts it through.

So imagine my surprise then when I end up with a chamomile tea. And to make matters worse - it's a tea bag. I've got nothing against tea bags when there are no other options, but Brunetti is trying to pass itself off as refined and taking food seriously (am I wrong?) so why do they have tea bags?

The next lovely surprise comes when I try to pour the hot water from a very pretty metal tea pot into my cup. Disaster. It's a dripper. I end up with a small lake on my table, and my companion has to pilfer napkins from the next table to stop it flowing onto our chairs. 

Add to this a dirty teaspoon, and Brunetti has lost some major points with me. I'm so disappointed I'm not even going to put up a photo of the experience. Go for the tea and cakes, but don't stay for the drinks.

The Rating
Atmosphere: 2/5
Available food: 4/5 (Brunetti's only saving grace)
Tea range: 1/5
Tea had: 1/5
Overall: 8/20

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